State of transformation 2019 conference

Helping each other out of the crisis For the second year running, the Public service: state of transformation conference brought together 200 thought leaders from across public service transformation. This year’s theme was all about ‘Helping each other out of the crisis’ and included a mix of breakout sessions, unconference pitches and a closing session […]

Transformation by the bucket load

Perhaps then our job as leaders is to notice all that stuff that gets in our way: negative emotions, incessant thinking, our egoic minds; the contents of our buckets.

Innovative future leadership development partnership with Future Cities Catapult

The PSTA is partnering with Future Cities Catapult to make public sector leaders aware of the emerging global issues for cities and places and how to embrace the available solutions. Chief Executive of the PSTA, Benjamin Taylor said: “Real transformation needs a future focus so we are particularly pleased to be working with Future Cities […]

Events & Programmes

King’s Fund conference on “Thinking differently about commissioning”

The King’s Fund is pleased to announce a one-day conference on “Thinking differently about commissioning”, to be held at their London headquarters between 9am and 5pm on Wednesday 25th September. Commissioning and the role that commissioners play is changing. Providers and commissioners are increasingly planning services together, and commissioners are working across health and social […]

2019 CCIN Annual Conference and Co-operative Showcase

CCIN is holding their 2019 CCIN Annual Conference and Co-operative Showcase hosted by Rochdale Borough Council on Wednesday 2 October. This year’s theme is: Developing Co-operative Councils: Building Co-operative Places: Developing Co-operative Councils – how the co-operative council approach is embedded within Member Councils and more needs to be done Building Co-operative Places – how […]

Public Benefit Partnerships: Commissioning for innovation, social value and impact

We are partnering with E3M for a special seminar on “Public Benefit Partnerships”. The event has been developed in response to the changing context for local public services including: The need for new innovative models. The public want more choice, there is growing demand and limited resources. Concern over traditional outsourcing failures with large private […]

In pursuit of social outcomes: the international conference on impact bonds, outcomes contracts and beyond

The Government Outcomes Lab (GO Lab) at the University of Oxford, in partnership with the Policy Innovation & Evaluation Research Unit at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and with Newcastle University Business School, will on September 5th and 6th of this year be hosting the second annual conference on outcomes-based intervention models: […]


The Shared Power Principle: out of the rubble of New Public Management

The game is afoot at the Centre for Public Impact, where Elena Bagnera and Margot Gagliani have been trying to understand the enduring influence of New Public Management… and what might come next. The not-at-all-surprising news is that, here in the UK at least, NPM is so ubiquitous an approach to government that we’ve all […]

“Closer is better”: a new approach to social care in South Tyneside

Simon Bottery takes the mic at the King’s Fund to talk about the ways in which South Tyneside’s council commissioners are adapting to the straitened circumstances of their social care budget: … local authorities are increasingly adopting approaches to social care that aim to minimise the need for formal support by focusing on the resources […]

“A virtual think-tank”: the Radical Policy Centre

This is one of those occasions where it’s probably best to let the topic of the post do all the talking for itself — so, take it away, ladies and gentlemen of the newly-launched Radical Policy Centre: ‘The Radical Policy Centre’ is a new kind of virtual Think Tank for those of a broadly progressive […]

“I loved the interactive style of training which focused on practical application in our work rather than dwelling on theory. This was an inspiring course and one I would highly recommend.”

Transforming the public sector. Join Basis for their top rated PSTA accredited Master Classes. Last few places now available. Learn core methods like service design, agile, and LEAN, in an experiential way. Next up is ‘Whole Systems Design and Change’.


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Keep it Locality: new case studies in local-focussed commissioning

Now that we’re all on the same page regarding whose fault it is that everyone thought public tender was the prescribed default for service commissioning (hint: not the EU’s fault after all!), perhaps you’re thinking you need some case studies to help you think through ways to keep services focussed on the communities they’re supposed […]

Introducing the Living Library: a hand-picked data-gov data-dump

The trouble with living in a period supposedly characterised by rapid disruptive change is that it can be rather hard to keep up. How’s a well-intentioned public service transformer supposed to stay on top of all the innovative potential tumbling out of countless start-ups and research hubs and think-tanks and what-not? Well, one way is […]

TLAP’s crowdsourced directory of care innovations complete (sort of)

Now, cast your mind way back in November of last year… yeah, OK, a LOT has happened since then. So you’d probably be forgiven if you’d forgotten our mentioning that Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) was in the process of setting up a crowdsourced directory of care sector innovations… though we totally did. Well, it’s […]


The Public Service Transformation Academy is a social enterprise, led by public service consultants RedQuadrant, the Whitehall and Industry Group, and partner organisations who are thought leaders in commissioning. We design and deliver exceptional development programmes to build capacity to transform public services.

We have taken over the running of the Cabinet Office’s Commissioning Academy, the government’s acclaimed suite of leadership development programmes for commissioners of public services.


Watch the video to discover

Recorded at the Public Sector Show 2017, Benjamin Taylor talks about the PSTA and his consultancy Red Quadrant. Their mission is to help the public sector build its commissioning and transformation capability so well that consultants are no longer needed.

  • 5 key questions to help you evaluate and improve your services using a systems leadership approach.
  • 5 principles for the future of commissioning and transformation and how they apply to the different “worlds” of public services – citizen world, service world, management world, leadership world and learning world.
  • Why we should move beyond the idea of demand and need and instead focus on outcomes, allowing us to help people to achieve their life goals and purposes.
  • How triple loop transformational learning can help to change the identity of public services so that they are based on outcomes and not just the provision of services
  • 5 tips to stop things turning out badly.


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