Global knowledge platform on impact bonds

With great enthusiasm for impact bonds around the world and a desperate need to consolidate learning, the Government Outcomes Lab has refreshed their website to launch a global knowledge platform for impact bonds. This aims to be the ‘go to’ place for learning on impact bonds around the world. By working with their partners, Ecorys, […]

State of transformation 2019 conference

Helping each other out of the crisis For the second year running, the Public service: state of transformation conference brought together 200 thought leaders from across public service transformation. This year’s theme was all about ‘Helping each other out of the crisis’ and included a mix of breakout sessions, unconference pitches and a closing session […]

Transformation by the bucket load

Perhaps then our job as leaders is to notice all that stuff that gets in our way: negative emotions, incessant thinking, our egoic minds; the contents of our buckets.

Events & Programmes

Asset-Based Community Development Workshop

A two-day workshop from Nurture Development for Asset Based Community Development enthusiasts in the Greater London Area and to those working in VCSEs throughout the UK. This workshop will: Give you an understanding of the history of ABCD, relating it to your experience of community development. Explain the 5 guiding principles of ABCD in both […]

LG Inform and LG Inform Plus training day

To hear more about LG Inform and LG Inform Plus and the data and tools they hold come along to a hands on introduction session to learn more about the two systems. If you don’t currently subscribe to LG Inform Plus, you will have access for the day to see how the site works and be able to […]

Set up an EU office

Basis is holding a workshop for social impact, start-up or growth organisations Brexit has prompted many large organisations to set-up subsidiaries or move to continental Europe to ensure their businesses can continue to thrive. Smaller companies, including social impact organisations, are often less prepared. However, social impact, of course, knows no boundaries and many want […]

Systems Innovation London Conference

Chief Executive, Benjamin Taylor will be hosting a workshop at the Systems Innovation London Conference on 6-7 September. In this session, he will provide a short accessible introduction to the Viable Systems Model which represents some core, underlying, essential elements of organisations across their various scales and talk about how the model can be used […]


Social value of Suffolk’s libraries quantified

Independent research commissioned by Suffolk Libraries estimates that every £1 spent on just three of Suffolk Libraries’ services creates £8.04 in ‘social value’. The report highlights “the vital and previously unseen contribution libraries make to people’s lives in the county, saving the public and organisations millions of pounds a year.” The study focused on three […]

The power of ignorance in policymaking

Adrian Brown from the Centre for Public Impact believes it is vital for policy-makers to recognise that they don’t always know the answers, and that recognition in itself is vital for effective policy-making. The most powerful phrase a policymaker can say is “I don’t know”. It signals humility in the face of complexity. It actively […]

Power partnership: How councils can strengthen localism

Locality, in partnership with Power to Change and Local Trust, worked with four local authorities to show how councils can drive forward a radical new localism agenda. Their report entitled Power Partnerships: how councils can strengthen localism, demonstrates how councils can shift power to communities via a six-step roadmap: Co-create the vision for localism with […]

“I loved the interactive style of training which focused on practical application in our work rather than dwelling on theory. This was an inspiring course and one I would highly recommend.”

Transforming the public sector. Join Basis for their top rated PSTA accredited Master Classes. Last few places now available. Learn core methods like service design, agile, and LEAN, in an experiential way. Next up is ‘Whole Systems Design and Change’.


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Tussell releases report on strategic suppliers to UK government 2018-19

Quite how the new report from Tussell will make you feel probably depends very strongly on whereabouts in the commissioning ecosystem you find yourself — but there’s valuable information for you in there, whichever side of the fence you’re on. Tussell, if you weren’t aware, are a “research and insight” outfit specialising in UK government […]

Catch up on Social Outcomes Conference outcomes

Were you hoping to get to the GO Lab for their Social Outcomes Conference back at the beginning of the month, but found yourself too busy, too far away, or otherwise unable? Well, never fear, because you can catch up on all the action at your own pace: the GO Lab gang have made all […]

Bring up the Bodies: Alliance for Useful Evidence reports back on its commitments

Sometimes an organisation does such a good concise job with its website copy that there’s no point in paraphrasing. As such, allow me to simply quote directly from the Alliance for Useful Evidence: In November 2017, 27 professional bodies came together at the Royal Society to sign a ‘Declaration on Evidence’, written by Professor Jonathan […]


The Public Service Transformation Academy is a social enterprise, led by public service consultants RedQuadrant, the Whitehall and Industry Group, and partner organisations who are thought leaders in commissioning. We design and deliver exceptional development programmes to build capacity to transform public services.

We have taken over the running of the Cabinet Office’s Commissioning Academy, the government’s acclaimed suite of leadership development programmes for commissioners of public services.


Watch the video to discover

Recorded at the Public Sector Show 2017, Benjamin Taylor talks about the PSTA and his consultancy Red Quadrant. Their mission is to help the public sector build its commissioning and transformation capability so well that consultants are no longer needed.

  • 5 key questions to help you evaluate and improve your services using a systems leadership approach.
  • 5 principles for the future of commissioning and transformation and how they apply to the different “worlds” of public services – citizen world, service world, management world, leadership world and learning world.
  • Why we should move beyond the idea of demand and need and instead focus on outcomes, allowing us to help people to achieve their life goals and purposes.
  • How triple loop transformational learning can help to change the identity of public services so that they are based on outcomes and not just the provision of services
  • 5 tips to stop things turning out badly.


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