Our Autumn programme brings you a fabulous selection of unmissable events.  Book now to secure your place.

All our events offer the opportunity to learn about new models and ways of working, re-connect and network with colleagues from commissioning academy cohorts and meet other professionals working on similar challenges.  Many are free or discounted for Commissioning Academy Alumni Network members.


September / October / November


21st: How is service transformation possible, and what would it mean?  Knowledge Cafe with David Gurteen and Benjamin Taylor.  More


9th: Leading in a volatile world: four dimensions of complexity.  Exploring how public service and transformation leaders can effectively lead systems to deal with the complexity inside and outside the organisation.  More

19th: The Art of Leadership as Balancing Act.  Healthy and high-performing organisations need leaders who constantly sense and adapt to changing contexts, balancing contending qualities and behaviours across the organisation.  This workshop will look at the new habits of thinking and modes that leaders need to cultivate. More

26th: The Art of the Possible in Public Procurement.  Exploring procurement opportunities with E3M and Browne Jacobson.  More

30th: Future Commissioning Workshops: Contestability and the art of contracting. Exploring competition and contracting as instruments of management, current contracting models, transactional versus relational forms, discontinuity, fragmentation and integration, and certainty versus innovation.  More

30th: Whole Systems Design and Change – 2 days.  Learn about  tried & tested service transformation methodologies, customer insight techniques, and a key framework to help you design services that are better for the customer and the business.  More


1st: Agile Master In Public Services – 2 day.  Teaches Agile methods for delivering and managing complex dynamic change within the public sector such as: SCRUM, Agile Prototyping and Rapid Improvement Events in an effective interactive way.  More

3rd: Overcoming Defensive Behaviours.  Helping you to manage sensitive conversations which could trigger defensive behaviours in staff, and develop your confidence through learning the powerful practical skills of productive reasoning.  More

9th: Future Commissioning Workshop: System design & market stewardship.  Looking at designing contestable systems and introducing some of the different systems through which contestable services are delivered – commoditised markets, vouchers, matching markets, commissioned services, contestable services, supply chains.  More

28th: Evidence Based Commissioning. Featuring a speaker from TSIP, The Social Innovation Partnership.  More