If organisations are to be healthy and high-performing over the long-term, leaders must constantly sense and adapt to changing contexts and hence balance several contending qualities and behaviours across the organisation.  

This includes:

  • autonomy and cohesion,
  • diversity and stability and
  • exploration and exploitation

Getting a better understanding of these balances can help to keep organisations viable by quickly diagnosing complex situations and making better strategic and operational decisions. To do so leaders must see beyond the shortcomings of “best practices”, which are often simplifications derived from the hypotheses of their proponents and rarely readily fit new contexts.

Please join us for a highly interactive and facilitated discussion with colleagues from across public services, followed by Q&A and networking. Explore and examine the new habits of thinking and modes that leaders need to cultivate. The session will be held in central London on Thursday 19th October (13:00 – 17:30)

The workshop will explore:

  • New thinking habits, instead of best practices
  • What happens when there is too much cohesion and control? Or too much autonomy?
  • How diversity helps in dealing with uncertainty?
  • Healthy and unhealthy stability
  • Tools for understanding organisational and environmental complexity

Although there’s no charge to public and third sector participants, booking is essential as numbers are carefully managed and spaces limited – please register your interest and we’ll be in touch.