Commissioning: a 10 step introduction

Entry-level introductory programme

Commissioning: A 10 step introduction



Commissioning: A 10 step introduction is the Commissioning Academy’s new entry-level development programme. We have developed this programme in partnership with APACE (Association of Policing and Crime Chief Executives). It is an intense, introductory programme designed to complement the PSTA’s Commissioning Academy learning programme (designed in collaboration with the Cabinet Office).

The aim of this online & interactive learning programme is to enable you to grasp the core principles & practices of effective commissioning. By the end of the programme you will be better placed to help develop public services that make a really positive and lasting difference to local people’s lives. You will also be able to act quickly with confidence using a commissioning mindset and call on your network of fellow participants for support and challenge.

The programme takes place over three days separated by around two weeks between each module. This will give you a chance to reflect on the content and practice some of the skills you will be learning. We will spend about an hour to 90 minutes on each of the steps listed below. In addition you will have some time in small groups working as an action learning set (one which it is hoped will continue after the programme is over).

The learning steps are:

  • Step One: What are we doing anyway?
  • Step Two: What is commissioning?
  • Step Three: Do we have to talk about leadership?
  • Step Four: Are members of the public just customers?
  • Step Five: How do we make the most of our resources?
  • Step Six: Where does quality come into Commissioning?
  • Step Seven: Can we talk about procurement now?
  • Step Eight: Where do our values fit in?
  • Step Nine: How can we work best with our partners?
  • Step Ten: How can we design in creativity and innovation?
  • Step Eleven: What now…?

If you wish to be part of this innovative programme please contact Sarah Johnston or 077010 49836 to book your place(s) as soon as possible.