Leading Transformation offer – study in ‘chunks’

Our Leading Transformation programme provides you with the opportunity for individuals or teams to get world-class transformation skills in blended learning directly from our chief executive, Benjamin Taylor. You can now by individual bite-sized ‘chunks’ to focus directly on particular skill areas.

Each package, or ‘chunk’, consisting of three or four modules is available for just £295 (plus VAT) per participant. This includes one one-to-one support session with Benjamin Taylor, and email and online Q&A. You can book directly via the links below, or email benjamin.taylor@publicservicetransformation.org with questions.

Each module contains:

  • An approximately one hour video lecture (with slides), also available in transcript, audio, and pdf form
  • Worksheets, additional links and content, all downloadable and useable within MoJ/HMPPS under license
  • Where appropriate, online surveys which can be conducted across your organisation relevant to the
  • Key questions to support learning
  • Online discussion forum to share learning

Chunks and key content:

A: Leading transformation – https://redquadrantacademy.teachable.com/p/ltchunksa

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Transformation and the possibilities of organisations: core theory behind transformation
  3. System leadership – purpose and measures: how to create shared purpose
  4. Leading in complexity – the uses of power: your power as a change leader in a complex world

B: Being a transformation agent – https://redquadrantacademy.teachable.com/p/ltchunksb

  • People in systems: and how to maintain your own resilience
  • The limits of methods: why no ‘methodology’ or step-by-step approach can guarantee results, and how to adapt to your context – and why you only ‘learn’ things when you test your ideas in the real world
  • Mapping systems: how to visually map complex systems

C: Management world – https://redquadrantacademy.teachable.com/p/ltchunksc

  • Understanding organisations: productive ways of looking at and analysing organisations
  • Designing organisations: from enterprise architecture to role and task allocation
  • Shaping culture: understanding and intentionally shaping culture for the better!

D: Citizen world and the boundary between citizen world and service world – https://redquadrantacademy.teachable.com/p/ltchunksd

  1. Citizen and customer insight: developing deep understanding of citizens to drive transformation
  2. Behavioural insight and strengths-based approaches: powerful ways to understand the assets in the community and how behaviour is shaped
  3. Understanding demand: how to use demand to focus on value and remove waste

E: Service world – https://redquadrantacademy.teachable.com/p/ltchunkse

  1. Understanding and designing services
  2. Cost analysis and building the business case
  3. A deep dive into lean: philosophy, tools, and approaches

F: Change and learning world (I) – https://redquadrantacademy.teachable.com/p/ltchunksfi

  1. Prototyping: more effective ways to achieve service change
  2. Delivering change: proven approaches that make sure your transformation programme is in the 20% that succeed, not the 80% that fail
  3. Communications and stakeholder management

G: Change and learning world (II) – https://redquadrantacademy.teachable.com/p/ltchunksfii

  • Understanding people: insights into ‘how we tick’ which are invaluable in change
  • Managing change positively: how to see change positively
  • Embedding change: tools to make change stick and become ‘the new normal’
  • Strategy and change: how to effectively set strategy, use scenarios, and bring the ‘whole system’ together to effect change

All packages have access to Module 24, a short recap and summary of the whole.