The Public Service Transformation Academy

The Public Service Transformation Academy is a not-for-profit social enterprise, with RedQuadrant as the lead partner and delivery partners including the Whitehall & Industry Group (lead delivery partner), NCVO, Browne Jacobson LLP, E3M, TSIP, the Alliance for Useful Evidence, Local Gov Digital, Collaborate, Basis and members of the Public Service Transformation Network.

Our mission is to drive better outcomes for people and communities by developing the local, civil, social and health sectors’ capabilities to collaborate, innovate and lead.

The founders of this academy share some core beliefs: That most of the problems the public sector and society is dealing with have a significant underlying level of complexity. This complexity differs – it can arise from having to deal with multiple stakeholders, from complex citizen needs, from a need for cultural or behavioural change, or from a complex system of organisations that need to work together. Often, all these sources contribute to the complexity at the same time.