Enterprise model - The Public Service Transformation Academy is a not for profit social enterprise. It operates as a company limited by guarantee.

Who makes up the PSTA?

A group of partners have concluded negotiations to deliver the Commissioning Academy on behalf of the Cabinet Office with RedQuadrant as the lead partner and delivery partners including the Whitehall & Industry Group (lead delivery partner), NCVO, Browne Jacobson LLP, the E3M Bold Commissioners Club, TSIP, the Alliance for Useful Evidence, Local Gov Digital, Collaborate, Numbers for Good, and members of the Public Service Transformation Network.


The PSTA operates with three main boards. The main board consists of RedQuadrant, WIG, two representatives of the members, a Cabinet Office representative and a Public Service Transformation Network representative, with one additional member representing the wider sector.

The Advisory board provides advice to the entity board along with subject matter knowledge.

The Design Authority provides quality assurance to all our work and has oversight of our accreditation for courses, trainers and certification.

In addition to this, we will have a cross-sector Development group for representatives of all those across central and local government with a shared interest in the development of commissioning.

Management Information

Report on progress, feedback, new development opportunities and impact to Ministers Examples of impact – 100 Day plan follow up See Development, quality and other measures below
Oversee quality Participant experience measures e.g.

  • Appropriateness of content
  • Would you recommend to colleagues-type measure
Oversight and scrutiny of impact See evaluation framework

  • Changed opinions and attitudes
  • Learned something new
  • Plan to take action
  • Taken action – impact
Monitor viability
  • Value for money indicators – Cost of offer
  • Demand levels
Monitor delivery
  • Number of places delivered per annum on central programme versus aspiration and contractual minimum
  • Securing of local/themed opportunities
  • Identify roadblocks – where CO CA lead involvement might make a difference
Oversee the brand
  • Review proposed new products or features
  • Consider whether A product or ‘in association with’
  • Consider where on IPR grid
Oversee the content Progress/coverage of any agreed new content (e.g. where a new policy element agreed)

Open Book Accounting

Accounts will be published on this website in the following months and updated quarterly

Supplier Terms

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